22–23 March 2013
Curated by Hannah Mathews
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Action/Response is an occasional program that presents new works by a cross-disciplinary selection of artists. These works respond to actions that describe not only familiar physical movements but also act as metaphors for our understanding of the world.

On Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March, 2013 the first iteration of Action/Response took place in the Errol Street precinct of North Melbourne, Australia as part of Dance Massive. The project presented new works by twenty artists developed in response to the actions of 'turning' and 'falling'. These works were presented in a variety of locations chosen by the artists in and around Errol Street and were complemented by commissioned texts by Ramona Koval and Chris Johnston. Presented live between 6-7pm, the works were accompanied by a printed nightly program that detailed each artist’s contribution, a map of the vicinity and the commissioned text.

Action/Response was conceived and curated by Hannah Mathews.

TURNING Friday 22 March 2013, 6-7pm
Event map and list of works
Full printed program

Natalie Abbott
Deanne Butterworth
Lane Cormick
Alicia Frankovich
Bianca Hester
Laresa Kosloff
Shelley Lasica
Jo Lloyd
Oliver Mann
Tony Yap
Writer: Ramona Koval

FALLING Saturday 23 March 2013, 6-7pm
Event map and list of works
Full printed program

A Scratch Ensemble
Alex Akers
Daniel Crooks
Kyle Kremerskothen
Katie Lee
Gabrielle Nankivell
Patrick Pound
Ria Soemardjo
Brooke Stamp
Danae Valenza
Writer: Chris Johnston

Action/Response was commissioned by the City of Melbourne through Arts House and has been supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.  

Site design by Rowan McNaught

About this site

This website is a documentative project by curatorial initiative Open Archive, commissioned by curator Hannah Mathews for the first iteration of Action/Response, presented in North Melbourne in March 2013. The content and interactive functions of this website have been developed with attention to the difficulties in documenting and representing temporal and performative artworks and their curatorial frames. These difficulties are both practical and conceptual.  

Presented on this site is documentation that approaches Action/Response as: the artistic processes of participants as they responded to the curatorial framework of the project, and as two public events encountered by an audience during 6-7pm, 22-23 March 2013. Documentation of the artistic process was generated through questions proposed directly to artists during the lead-up to the public events.
Documentation of the events was captured live by Open Archive through three pre-conceived scores devised for sound, still photography and video respectively.  

Sound score:
 The score for sound was designed for one unedited recording each night, tracing a sonic journey between the performances and projects.  

Still photography score: 
The score for still photographs was designed for 'snap shots' of 12-18 of the 20 sites selected by artists, at the moment they are activated by audiences. The score prioritises the constellation of audience and site, intentionally leaving the performer or artwork from the frame. The photographs are referenced with times, dates and locations.  

Video score: The score for video was designed for video sections of 10 seconds to 2 minutes of artworks, and performative aspects of viewing artworks. Recording took place on a determined timeline, enabling the maximum works possible to be captured. The score emphasises the subjective encounter of an overlapping, temporal curatorial program, intentionally capturing artworks as they are happened upon. The video sections are referenced with duration of material, duration of the artwork, date and location. This score was undertaken by artist Anna Gilby.

Open Archive is Jared Davis and Helen Grogan